100% Cotton Trendy Baby Body Suit PY-YR007

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100% cotton trendy baby body suit

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1. What are the advantages of pure cotton clothes?

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, its heat conduction coefficient is very low, and because of its porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can be accumulated between the fibers, and the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, pure cotton fiber textiles have good thermal insulation, and wearing pure cotton clothing makes people feel warm. 2、 How to wear a T-shirt?

Go out: T-shirt + wide brimmed hat because the melanin cells in children's skin are not mature and have poor resistance to ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to wear long T-shirt or long sleeve shirt when going out, which can not only prevent sunburn, but also protect the baby's delicate skin.

May as well let the baby wear a good air permeability wide brimmed hat, can also play a good sunshade effect, but also can avoid heatstroke.

2. Field trip: long sleeve shirt + trousers

In summer, if parents want to take their children to the field outing, they will spend a long time outdoors, and it is easy to get sunburnt. In addition, mosquitoes, thorns, bacteria and so on will pose a threat to their skin. So put on long sleeve trousers for children, not only good shading effect, but also to avoid mosquito bites, thorn scratches and other situations.

Product use: for group clothing, personal customization, etc., can customize color, pattern, logo.


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--Why to choose us?

1.Various styles with fashionable design and different colors to meet your requirements.

2.High quality and the best service.

3.Small quantity are acceptable.

4.Factory-direct price.

5.Offer service of adding yours logo.

--What is the MOQ?

For different product, different fabric, the specific quantity will be difference, pl offer our salesman your requirement, we will check the MOQ for you asap.

--How to know the bulk quality?

Before production, we will send you PP sample, after you confirm, then we will start product the bulk.

--How about the packing?

We default the PP bag packing if you no requirement, if you wanna a exquisite packaging, pl let us know, we will recommend suitable packaging or customized as your design.

--How will my shipment be delivered?

We can ship the goods by express, by air, by train or by sea. We will offer you the best shipping way according to your quantity of the order.

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