2021 new spring men’s long-sleeved lapel striped slim polo shirt custom men’s t-shirt PY-PLC002

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Product description: How should men wear Polo shirts?
Fit is always the most important point. The proper length should be half of the placket of the trousers, just covering the belt. For the neckline, it is best that the top button can be properly buckled.
Choose a solid color as much as possible. Pure white, gray, navy blue, and black are the basic colors for all kinds of matches. The more advanced ones can be selected according to your skin tone. If you have a fairer complexion, you can try a variety of bright colors, all of which are not too problematic. But if you are darker or yellowish, don't choose too bright colors such as red and brilliant yellow.
People who are thin can choose the pinstripe Polo shirt, which will be more gentle on the basis of visually widening the figure.
Key points of dressing: 
1. Try to make the collar flat and stand up naturally. 2. Do not loosen more than 2 buttons. 3. Don't choose a logo with a large area. 4. In most cases, please expose your clothes to the outside.
Product use: Used for class uniforms, group uniforms, work clothes, personal customization, etc. Colors, patterns, and logos can be customized.
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