2021 new women’s clothing White navel Letter embroidery long sleeves Sports Polo Shirt PY-WP002

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Product description: polo shirt cropped umbilical, exposed slap waist
There are two types of navel-bearing clothes, the common ones are tight and loose, but the tight and loose styles are relatively easier to control, and the styles are also richer. Although they can't show the uneven body curves like tight models, but the large area of ​​navel exposed skin also helps to show the elegant body and sexy side, especially the small waist, which is particularly stunning because of the style. Mai's brain opened up again this time, wearing a loose polo shirt-style belly button dress with a big waist and a small waist. Wearing belly button clothing should pay attention to the matching of clothes, especially the waistline of the lower body is the most important. Although it is Xiaoman's waist support, a slight inadvertent appearance of a 50-50 figure is not worth the loss, which is not conducive to thin and tall. Therefore, you must choose a high-waist style when matching low-waist clothing. Girls who like pants can try high-waisted jeans. Just like the Mai this time, the basic high-waisted jeans wear high-end sexy taste, especially the slender waist is particularly stunning, but the most eye-catching is Mai selected POLO shirt, exquisite and special. It's small, and the upper body is slim and stylish.
Product use: For private customization, etc., colors, patterns, and logos can be customized.


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