Combined with the current situation of enterprises, we should do it step by step and actively

On April 16, Pinyang clothing received an order of 3000 pieces, which was successfully delivered on the 29th. “The quantity of this batch of orders is very small, and it needs seven colors. It takes 12 hours for one color to dye and three days for seven colors. It also needs to complete various processes such as weaving and printing. Finally, it can be delivered in 13 days, which reflects the flexibility and agility of the enterprise’s production.

“Without enterprise transformation and Internet thinking, these things can’t be done. Internet thinking needs collaboration to implement the concept of 7-day delivery to each process. Small closed-loop forms a large closed-loop, which is integrated into flexible manufacturing. Flexible manufacturing, like a piece of flour, can be kneaded no matter how large the order is.

Flexibility is not only reflected in the concept of manufacturing process transformation, but also in the enterprise management concept. 70% of the work in garment enterprises should be piecework, and the workers must be willing to make large orders. Therefore, flexible manufacturing has a very high requirement on management and should be prepared step by step in a short period of time. Clothing manufacturing is still a labor-intensive industry. For example, the automatic feeding equipment in dyeing workshop improves the process precision and product quality. However, in some production links, it is not possible to completely eliminate labor. It is inevitable and necessary for the industrial Internet to develop to the present. However, due to different industries and different levels of entry, it is necessary to combine the current situation of enterprises to do it step by step and actively.

Post time: Dec-10-2020