In the processing factory! What is the relationship between a costume designer and a tailor?

What is the relationship between a costume designer and a tailor?

Some people may think that these two titles are a little far apart, one is superior, and the other is at the bottom of the market. In fact, these two titles are actually the same in nature, and even a clothing designer is far behind a tailor.


1. Many fashion designers only know how to draw pictures. They don’t even know whether the pictures they have drawn can be realized or how to realize them. In the end, this seemingly beautiful effect picture becomes a piece of waste paper, because it cannot be realized and created. No value, can only be discarded.

2. As for tailors, although they don’t know how to draw beautiful renderings, they can make the style you want according to your requirements, and make clothes that fit your body and make you wear more comfortable. In this way, do you still think that the costume designer must be more advanced than the tailor? In fact, in Europe, many famous fashion designers call themselves tailors, because they know that making clothes is more than just drawing a beautiful picture.

Factors to consider when designing clothing

First of all, what you have to consider is the people it applies to, that is, the audience;

Secondly, you have to consider these people’s preferences, what occasions and seasons they need to wear this costume;

Third, what is the approximate price of this clothing, you have to have a positioning, that is, you have to determine how much your cost is through this price, so that you can choose the right surface accessories;

Fourth, within the scope of cost control, choose suitable fabrics. (Generally speaking, we first determine the fabric and design according to the fabric, because if we design first, and then match the fabric, the fabric will not meet the design requirements. Of course, you can choose fixed weaving and dyeing. However, this cost is unacceptable to ordinary people.)

Fifth, well, pay attention, this time is the time to start drawing;

Sixth, make the completed drawing into a craft list, and clearly mark the craftsmanship and special requirements you need on the craft list;

Seventh, communicate with the pattern maker to determine the characteristics of the pattern you need, whether it is self-cultivation, fit, looseness or what;

Eighth, follow up the production of sample clothes and determine the final correct sample for production.

After completing this series of work, it is considered to have completed the design of a garment. Of course, the results need to be verified by the market. In fact, all the work in this process is actually done by tailors and can do very well. What the future fashion designer can do is just a beautiful rendering and your not necessarily accurate fashion sense.

Post time: Mar-15-2021