Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, build a cultural brand, and promote the cultivation of corporate spirit

On January 20, 2021, take Hakka forums, one district, one product, readers, and learning models as the starting point for cultural construction, optimize cultural carriers, give play to the education and shaping functions of cultural construction, vigorously strengthen corporate culture construction, and build corporate cultural brands , And then promote the cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit.

First of all, the workshop attaches great importance to formulating practical plans, organized, organized, and dedicated to responsible persons, raising funds, and continuing to advance in a planned and step-by-step manner.

Second, focus on building several cultural brands. 1. The Hakka forum focuses on the cultivation and education of the Hakka spirit, deeply understands and understands the connotation of the Hakka spirit, learns well, inherits well, and exerts the hospitable Hakka spirit, so that the Hakka spirit can be carried forward. 2. One area, one product, the workshop focuses on building a cultural brand of “goodness”, deeply digs into the spiritual core of “goodness”, and guides employees to actively be good, do good and do good, and achieve perfection.

Third, cultivate a modern entrepreneurial spirit with a profound Hakka spirit. Through learning and education, the core of the profound Hakka spirit, that is, “pioneering, enterprising, hardworking, daring to work, not afraid of difficulties, bearing hardships and standing hard work, hard-working, persevering, dare to challenge, dare to win, and dare to start a business” has become the cultural gene of employees. Inherit the Hakka spirit and cultivate the workshop enterprise spirit of “love the factory, love the family, unity and mutual assistance, safety and health, quality and efficiency”.

Post time: Apr-13-2021