Times are changing, is your clothing foreign trade company’s management method still the same?

The garment factory has introduced modern enterprise management, which has been studied for more than half a century. From the perspective of human resources, since 2000, more and more people have focused on “post-80s management” and “post-90s management”, and even now they have proposed “post-00s management”. But can I say that with the expansion of informatization, the human resource management of the last century has not adapted to modern enterprise management at all?

This is a key question. We believe that truly outstanding managers should:

1. Have the courage and drive to lead the way.

What you need your employees to do, you do it yourself first. “If you are upright, you will do if you do not order; if you are not upright, you will not follow the order.” You set the rules of the game, but you take the lead in breaking the rules of the game. Do you still expect your rules to be implemented properly? The ancients Confucius taught us “teaching by precepts and deeds.” We really want to make others strict and let ourselves loose. Can it work?

2. To do well, to what standard.

This needs to be specific and needs to be considered. The “good” in your mouth is definitely different from the good understanding of your subordinates. If his standard is higher than yours, then I think it should be time for you to change positions. So, please make it clear and let your subordinates understand: how good do I want you to be?

3. Try not to waste time and energy to reason.

Although this will give you a sense of accomplishment and authority. But if you speak too much, your actions will naturally decrease. The more you talk, the more numb and even resistance your subordinates will be! Now that society is so fast-paced, who would be interested in listening to the clichés of your tirades? The correct approach should be: do it. Of course don’t expect, you move your mouth and let your employees work their lives! You can’t be the boss!

4. Communication skills.

At any time, communication is required, and the purpose of management is to communicate, so that your subordinates can understand your mind all the time, and can “follow you with all their heart.” If you don’t have enough influence to attract you Staff. Then there is only one way for you, and that is: do one thing steadily. Come one by one.

5. In the inspection, diligence can make up for the weakness.

First of all, after we have standards for doing things well, we need to clarify the frequency of inspections and the methods of rewards and punishments. Once inspections are stipulated, rewards and punishments are stipulated. The rest is implementation. If you clarify the inspections, rewards and punishments, but cannot implement them well, it would be better not to clarify them. Because-execution is very important!

Post time: Apr-26-2021