Printing Loose Trend Spring Women Hoodie PY-WW002

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printing Loose trend spring women Hoodie

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Printed loose trendy spring women's Hoodie, medium length. Winter clothes can be worn in spring and autumn! The design of the hood and the take-off is classic and generous. At the same time, it is cute and can be returned to 18 years old in minutes. The classic version does not make the demon. The front letter printing element avoids the monotony that may be brought by the solid color. The shoulder drop design does not appear bloated at all, covering the flesh and showing thin. The medium and long length design can play with the missing under clothes or go with BF style. The design of the off shoulder sleeve adds a sense of innocent tenderness and leisure. The gentle temperament is up in one second, and the cuff thread is closed, which adds a sense of freedom. The pockets on both sides can usually be filled with some trinkets. The slit of the hem is convenient for walking, and it can also create a subtle sexy and loose version without selecting the body. Medium length, easy to cover the body's flesh, loose version, not to choose people to wear. I like the front short back length design and bandage design. After wearing it, I feel full of girlish feeling, simple solid color, very suitable for skin color ~ easy to match, no pressure, put on bare leg artifact to create long leg waist essence.

Product use: for advertising shirts, group clothes, personal customization, etc., can customize color, pattern, logo.

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Q1.Is it possible to put our logo on the product?

Sure. Please send your logo to us.

Q2. Do you carry different designs?

Yes,we could work on different designs and styles. Our teams specialize in pattern design, construction, costing, sampling, production, merchandising and delivery.

Q3. Do you do any costum work?

Yes, we mainly work on OEM and do custom order according to your requirement.

Q4. What is the MOQ? How many colors/designs can we make withing MOQ?

Usually 100 unit/color, it is differernt depands on the fabric. Please ask our sales person for details.

Q5. What is the price of the product?

Please send us your quantity, fabrics/materials, colors and patterns. Only with this information we can send you the best price. Please feel free to contact any of our sales person for details.

Q6. How to cooperate?

Send the inquiry-Discussion about the details-Get our quotation based on the details- Pre-production sample made-Confirm the details- Send the deposit- Bulk production- Final payment and delivery-Future cooperation.

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