Ruffled short-sleeved retro-printed slim slim round neck short waist t-shirt PY-DT010

Short Description:

Slim-fit cotton T-shirt with a short cropped navel design. The upper body is wrapped in a pure cotton texture, exposing the arms, collarbone and belly button, fully digging out the sexy charm.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Product description: T-shirts also have minefields! These three T-shirts, no matter how good they look, they can’t be easily topped!

    1: Childish cartoon pattern

    Some T-shirt designs are just right, but some T-shirt designs are too naive. Not only does it completely lack the “cute” feeling you want to create, it looks like an elementary school student who hasn’t graduated. Therefore, in the choice of patterns, you can choose more literary letters, or super large cartoon patterns, which can make the whole clothes full of your own personality style.

    For girls with special plots of cartoon patterns, you can also try this long round-neck T-shirt, which just fits the curve of the hips, showing the wonderful long legs. The five-point sleeve design also just covers the position of the meat on the arm, which plays a good role in modifying the arm visually. In combination with the playful cartoon patterns on the chest, they are not childish and more fashionable.

    2: Half-length and not short-slim fit

    For T-shirts with elasticity, it is a minefield that many girls do not know. After putting it on, I always feel that my Miaoman waistline is fully displayed, but don’t forget, if your arm is thick, it will also outline your thick arm line! Especially combined with the design of half length and not short, it can make your big thick legs more prominent.

    Therefore, in the choice of styles, T-shirts are either short showing waist and navel, or big to cover buttocks, exaggerated and fat Han Fan, the most suitable for wearing popular no-bottom SHOW, covering the flesh and showing thinness and highlighting two beautiful legs . The half-length and not-short T-shirt styles will not only expose all your shortcomings when worn, but also have no sense of fashion at all.

    3: The whole pattern is spread all over the body

    This design of T-shirts seems to be very trendy, full of design sense, but! It’s not like that when you wear it. Especially if the color and pattern selection is not good, then the upper body effect is simply irresistible to ordinary people. So, if you don’t have enough fashion sense, choose some simple T-shirts honestly!

    The loose-fitting mid-size style with round neck and short sleeve design makes you more atmospheric and capable in summer. Fashionable and generous, it is easy to wear and take off, and it is comfortable and generous to wear. Coupled with the color printing design on the front and back of the body, it is very chic and stylish, but it does not have the fancy feel of the former, making you more chic style.

    Product use: For private customization, etc., colors, patterns, and logos can be customized.